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  About Us

 Bear Flag Technical Sales was founded in 2012, by Greg Scharf.   While I have been a manufacturer’s representative since 1988, at the beginning of the year I decided to expand and incorporate, adding two staff members, Kristen and David Hall.

  This may seem to be a strange time to start a new company, let alone stay in the business of outsourced sales representation at all, but it is in tough times where manufacturers need to depend on the relationships created by local “boots on the ground,” which is our specialty. During the crash of 2001 a lot of small to medium companies found out the hard way that rep firms with 20 or thirty lines were not to their advantage, thus we intend to keep our line card manageable so that our principals profit from the synergy of our lines, but still get the mind share they deserve.

   Some time ago, an article in the Harvard Business Review reflected this, saying that major companies have for some time looked beyond business degrees as a necessary criterion for candidates for new hires. The logic is that ultimately business is a people thing, and varied personal experiences and high interpersonal skills are every bit as important to the success of a business as the ability to make forecasts and crunch numbers.  My backround includes a Master’s Degree from USC in Religion/Social Ethics, a Master’s in the field of Psychology, and a Bachelor’s in Human Services from California State University, Dominguez Hills. I have gone through numerous sales schools in my career such as the Amp Institute, and represented Fortune 100 companies and “mom and pop” operations as well.

  Kristen Hall graduated from California Baptist University last year, and has an extensive backround in retail and a high degree of interpersonal skills from nursing school.

 David Hall recently discharged from the United States Marine Corps where he served as an Infantryman in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He has undergone numerous schools in the service, and has actually used some of the equipment for which we have sold components such as the cell phone jamming equipment on Humvees. We are looking to him to expand our military business.  The name “Bear Flag” comes from the California Flag, and indeed we cover all areas of California, however we spend the majority of our time in Southern California with coverage in Tijuana.